Welcome to Home Sweet Homemaker

Welcome to our little piece of home on the Internet – Home Sweet Homemaker!  We’re delighted you are here and hope you find some helpful tips & tricks to make homemaking and homekeeping easier and more enjoyable.

A Little Ditty About Joe & Jenny

We’ve been married for 26 years and have two very lovely daughters, the youngest having just left the nest for art school.  Our empty nesting has begun!

So what does a newly empty nesting couple do?  Find a project to do together of course!  And that’s where Home Sweet Homemaker begins.

Joe has been a carpenter in the home construction business for 20 years, building new homes and remodeling older homes.  He is also gifted in pretty much all hands-on crafts – woodworking, metal fabrication, auto repair – just a super handy guy to have around.  (I’ve always said there’s nothing more attractive than a handy guy! 😍)

I (Jenny) bring homemaking to the team after having been a homemaker for these 25+ years.  I’m a natural learner and researcher and also a bit of an info junkie.  I’m that person that people ask all sorts of questions because they know I’ll have at least an idea of where to seek the answer.  It has been a fun and interesting journey, and I hope to share all the bits of knowledge I’ve gained with others.

Our goal is to combine our strengths and reach out to other homemakers, home owners, home doers-of-all-the-things in order to hopefully make life and home stuff just a bit easier.